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Magnificent Revolutions

After existing in exhibition mode for what seemed like the longest summer in history I was glad last Saturday night to be back actually photographing.

I had a job for a new and very exciting organisation called Magnificent Revolution. Mag Rev as they are commonly known are a not-for-profit organisation creating peddle powered events, literally. So, on Saturday night at Taylor Square in Sydney, I found 8 bikes powering a projector and sound system for a healthy crowd.

Magnificent Revolution is a relatively new organisation and already attracting good attention for future projects creating peddle power events, workshops and art instillations. You can follow Magnificent Revolution here on Facebook.

Below are a few of my visuals from the evening.




Karlee Rawkins- creative inspiration

When Karlee described her home and studio to me, I didn’t actually believe the extent of its beauty.

On the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia, nestled amongst the bush with an almost 360 degree view of mountains, Australian artist Karlee Rawkins is at home. Karlee balances life as a Mum with her art practice to fulfill her busy exhibition schedule in select galleries in Australian capital cities.

Behind Karlee’s elaborate three story house is her studio, as the sun woke up, I spent the morning documenting Karlee at work as she prepared a few final pieces for an upcoming exhibition in Melbourne.

To check out Karlee’s work check out her website here.

A great thanks to Robert McFarlane

Last Friday night my exhibition Our World Unseen kicked into life with a great turn out. It was deeply humbling to see so many family, friends and supporters at the opening, while Robert McFarlanes presence to open my exhibition was particularly special. Roberts eloquent way with the English language and generosity left me feeling very touched.

Following the opening, myself and Robert, held a floor talk where we discussed certain bodies of work featured in Our World Unseen as well as practical aspects of documentary photography. To see Roberts work visit his website here. Robert writes extensively about photography on his blog which can be found here.

Our World Unseen is open until March 24th and all limited edition prints are for sale.

Click here to see Owen Hammond’s photos from the opening


Below is one of my panoramas from South Sudan.


Our World Unseen taking to the walls

Our World Unseen is well and truly on its way to being ready for the opening on Friday night. Below is a sneak peak of us at work today.

Our World Unseen has been printed on Hahnenmuhle Art Pearl paper. The paper has an expected life exceeding 100 years and is 100% alpha-Cellulose which enables impressive contrasts and pictorial depth. All exhibition prints are available as a limited edition of 10.

This exhibition, like all my prints in the past have been done through the wonderful Ray Meyer at Ozprint Shop . Ray has been a great inspiration and educator for me in the art of printing, as well as returning to shooting film in recent years. I am deeply honoured Ray will be making the trip down for the opening and floor talk.

I hope to see you all on Friday night for the opening and Saturday morning for the floor talk. Renowned photographer and art critic Robert McFarlane will be opening the exhibition and participating in the talk the following morning.

Below is one of my panoramas from South Sudan.


Featured prints from series ‘Plight of the Penan’



Above is prints from Young life is precious series from Papua New Guinea.

A potential beacon of hope in current media landscape

Australia’s media landscape is seen by many as an incredibly baron, so yesterdays highly anticipated launch of the Global Mail’s may potentially offer a new platform for independent journalism.

The Global Mail will not be dependent on advertising profit to pay its highly accomplished staff which includes Mike Bowers, Steve Crittenden, Michael Maher and Ellen Fanning amongst others. Wotif founder Graeme Wood has financed the birth of The Global Mail allowing its mantra to be ‘our audience is our only agenda’.

As 2012 unfolds it will be interesting to see The Global Mail evolve and what voice it provides in the digital world of news which is increasingly becoming a 24 hour blur of events. Hopefully The Global Mail will be different, hopefully its stories and investigations will continue to be well thought out and its audience acknowledges and values it for its long-form journalism.

Media for exhibition

New website is finally live

After a summer of re-editing photo stories and re-writing my captions (thanks to a certain English major friend) I am pleased to announce my new website is finally live! You can visit it here.

The countdown to the opening of Our World Unseen

The countdown to the opening of my exhibition is well underway, 10 days to go!

I am deeply honoured to announce that Robert McFarlane will be opening my exhibition ‘Our World Unseen’ at the Lovett Gallery in the Newcastle Region Library on 5:30pm Friday 17th of February Facebook event is here.

Robert McFarlane is one of Australia’s most distinguished photographers with a career 45 years long and still much more to come. Roberts website showcases his extensive photographic archive while he also regularly writes about photography which can be found here on his blog.

The following morning Saturday 10am-11:30am, Robert and myself will be conducting a floor talk to discuss my work as well as documentary photography more widely. This floor talk is a great chance to hear Robert draw on his lifetime of experience as a leading documentary photographer in Australia.