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Cyclone Sandy in Haiti

I am currently in Haiti where I am on assignment. My initial schedule for coming here has been altered  due to Cyclone Sandy’s appearance in Haiti. This made my trip around the island impossible and life incredibly difficult for myself, let alone the 500,000 Haitans still living in camps since the 2010 earthquake.

With plans cancelled we turned to looking at a range of community based initiatives SOS Childrens Village runs through its community centres. During the height of the floods that hit Haiti’s capital Port Au Prince I visited areas where a few of these community centres are situated. We visited families that have been affected by flooding, below are a few photos from the last few days.

I hope to post more soon.


Photo: Conor Ashleigh © 2012. All rights reserved. Cyclone Sandy lashing Haiti throughout the night, Sandy killed 16 people in the Caribbean before it moved north where it is currently heading for the United States.


Photo: Conor Ashleigh © 2012. All rights reserved. A families home in Sibert area outside Port Au Prince that was circled by flood waters. Three out of the four children from the family attend the SOS community centre while both parents have taken part in the adult training as well taking part in classes on child management, hygiene and STD's.


Photo: Conor Ashleigh © 2012. All rights reserved. A man watches the slowly receding water that burst river banks across Haiti, including Port Au Prince. Many families lost their homes as the banks they were built on were engulfed into the raging river which reached its peak during the night.

Working with development partners

After a welcomed absence from the digital world for a month, I am returning to Australia tomorrow and will be hitting the ground running quite literally, driving from the airport to Canberra to present at the Aid Communicators Conference on the ethics of photography on assignment for development partners.


Below is one of my photos from an assignment in Bangladesh for AusAID featured on the cover of their current edition of Focus magazine.

AusAID Focus magazine cover

Click here for a link to the pdf for the Aid Communicators Invitation