Monthly Archives: December 2016

What a year 2016 has been.

On a personal level 2016 has easily been my busiest year of work. I’ve been privileged to undertake some really interesting projects including one large commission which next year will launch as a book ,exhibition and an online interactive website. I’ve also been making more video documentary work than ever before and finding it really stimulating and creatively challenging. Hope to show some soon.

Photos of 2016.

Here are some of my more memorable pictures of 2016.



Canadian Marist Brothers look at from the viewing tower on the equator outside Quito, Ecuador. Photo: Conor Ashleigh © 2016.


Children talk outside a small home high up in San José barrio above Medellin, Colombia.


Ahmad rides the bus home in Glasgow, Scotland. Ahmad is originally from Syria and has been living in Scotland for the past two years. Before the civil war in Syria, Ahmad was studying fine art, specifically painting at university.


As the cab drove over the parched red hills surrounding Malawi’s capital Lilongwe I noticed two bounding colourful creatures along the edge of the scrub. They were Gule Wamkulu’s and I was transfixed. Gule Wamkulu is both a secret could and ritual dance practiced among the Chewa people in Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique. It is performed by members of the Nyau brotherhood, which is a sort of a secret society of initiated Chewa men. I was Lucky to stumble across is fascinating characters three times during my trip to Malawi.


A young Marist Brothers Novice from South Africa works out on the weekend. Young Marist Brothers from around Africa come to Nairobi to complete an undergraduate degree from Marist International Centre (MIC) before returning home and continuing their life as a religious brother.


Marist Brothers of Mexico.

At dusk on October 11th an indigenous Catholic group starts the long trip in to Guadalajara to join 2 million others in the early hours of the of October 12 as part of the Procession of Zapopan.


Carlos Fuegos & Felipe Torres practice their lassos as they wait for other cowboys to catch up and join them and the two million other Mexicans that formed the annual procession of the Virgin of Zapopan in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Young dances at home in the hallway before heading out with her family to the beach. The Hodges family of 6 are living in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, while parents Brett and Emma work on a community development project supporting the local canarium nut industry.


High up on the plateau of Santo Island of Vanuatu a young cowboy swiftly weaves through the bushes as he rounds up cattle to be weighed in a mobile crush.


Under the cover of darkness a young girl runs through the streets of Sargodha, Pakistan.

A young boy walks home after Joma (Friday) Prayer in Jagiwala village, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Photo:Conor Ashleigh © 2016.

A young boy walks home after Joma (Friday) Prayer in Jagiwala village, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Photo:Conor Ashleigh © 2016.