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My first snow in Scotland with a Syrian family.

It started floating down from the sky at dusk, around 4pm at the moment in Glasgow. 8 year old Yamat was the first to notice and pointed to it through the window as we all sat talking on the couches. Coming from Syria, snow is a familiar thing for the Nasrallah family. So it was me the Australian photographer who found the snow/slush fall most exciting.To be fair, it was less snow and more slush by all accounts and not even enough to cover the ground. When Mohammad opened the large window in the lounge room of the apartment, it felt like we had our own private viewing of the world outside.

Springburn, Glasgow.

Inside the apartment I sat with Mohammad father of seven catching up on the news of the family. I initially met Mohammad when I was commissioned by the British Red Cross last year to document the lives of reunited refugee families living in Scotland. This commissioned project culminated in a very successful exhibition in the Mitchell Library and Kibble Palace green house in the Botanical Gardens of Glasgow. Links to the project are here on BBC and here on Third force news.

The Nasrallah family from Syria have now been reunited in Glasgow for a year this month, January 2016. Among the 7 children the third youngest child is 8 year old Yamat. When rockets damaged the home in Syria it was Yamat who lost her full hearing in one ear and became partially deaf in the other. Soon after the attach the family fled to Egypt. In 2014 Mohamed left his wife and seven children behind to seek asylum in the United Kingdom. Mohamed was then reunited with his family in January 2015 when they joined him in Scotland.


Mohammad sits helping Yamat with some English homework while a friend and his sons play FIFA behind.


Last week Yamat received a hearing aid. Now she can hear again in her right ear, Mohammad said he has noticed a very big difference, she can hear everything and can talk more normally again.

Over the coming year I am based in Scotland and I will continue to document the new lives of Syrian refugees who now calling Scotland home.


Yamat practices writing her Fathers name.








Returning home from school, 8 year old Yamat waits for her parents.