Commissioned Projects & Campaigns

I have been engaged to undertake a wide range of specialised projects and campaigns. These include producing photography books, shooting crucial visuals for rebranding, sensitively preparing stories for advocacy campaigns and case studies for global conferences.

British Red Cross

Starting life again

I was commissioned by the British Red Cross to develop a series of photo essays that detailed the lives of refugee families that had been reunited by Red Cross and resettled in Glasgow, Scotland.

The project was exhibited and toured across a number of cities in United Kingdom and Europe. Starting Life Again sought to prompt discussion and raise awareness about the important of family reunification and resettlement at a time when refugee support was being diminished by changing government policies.

World Health Organisation


I was commissioned by World Health Organisation to produce a series of short documentary films on Primary Health Care across Asia, that were presented in October 2018 at the Global Conference on Primary Health Care. The films presented case studies that unpacked major aspects of Primary Health Care as it’s experienced in Australia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

The Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Astana, Kazakhstan, brought global leaders together to renew a commitment to primary health care to achieve universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals. The event took place 40 years after the original conference where the Declaration of Alma-Ata was adopted by the world community. The Alma-Ata has been seen my many as a major milestone of the twentieth century in the field of public health.

What is primary health care?

Primary health care is about caring for people, rather than simply treating specific diseases or conditions. Good primary health care is made up of three parts: empowered people and communities who can take care of and advocate for their health; ensuring multi-sectoral policy and action to systematically address social, economic, environmental and commercial determinants of health; and primary care and essential public health functions as the core of integrated health services.

Primary Health Care Case Study - Empowered communities in sri lanka

One of the three key areas of good primary health care is empowered people and communities who can take control of their health. In Colombo, Sri Lanka, people from all walks of life hit the local parks and sports grounds to take care of their health together.

Primary Health Care Case Study - Culture and care in Australia

Primary care and essential public health must functions as the core of integrated health services. In Sydney, Australia, the Budyari Chronic Care program ensure cultural and clinical components of care are present from the moment a patient walks in.

Australian Red Cross


In 2016 Australian Red Cross undertook a visual identity rebranding. Conor was commissioned to shoot and edit a rebranding catalogue that could be used widely by the organisation.

Marist Brothers

Bicentenary Book PROJECT

I was commissioned by the Superior General of the Catholic congregation, the Marist Brothers to produce a photo book to celebrate their bicentenary. In the lead up to this historic occasion I captured the lives, mission and spirituality of Marist Brothers across 22 countries including Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Pacific and Europe.

The result was a limited edition 246 page photo book and a permanent exhibition was installed in the Rome headquarters of the Marist Brothers.