Longitudinal Storytelling

As a result of his decade of experience in more than 40 countries working for more than 20 international organisations, Conor has developed a unique style of capturing stories and communicating impact that he describes as ‘longitudinal storytelling’.

The longitudinal storytelling approach emphasises the importance of capturing stories that traverse the length of a project or the journey of an individuals or group. When Conor undertakes such a commissions he is able to regularly deliver new suites of films, text stories and photos that capture rich stories that form part of the complex tapestry of communicating impact.

Longitudinal storytelling is a multifaceted approach in which storytelling is just one deliverable. This approach also enables Conor to work closely with project staff across the globe to develop their capacity through ongoing training and mentorship. While he also regularly carries out participatory workshops and storytelling initiatives with communities and individuals to help projects evaluate their impact.

World Vision Australia

Southern African Livelihoods Project

In 2017 World Vision Australia, in partnership with Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, initiated the Southern Africa Livelihoods Project. The project is working with a number of agricultural groups across Southern Africa in a bid to assist them to diversify and commercialise their production.

Over two years since the project began, Conor has been regularly visiting groups producing films, text stories and photo essays about their progress.

Meet Five Minds

In the southern Lesotho region of Maphutseng, the mountainous landscape is harsh and the opportunities for youth extremely limited.

Yet down the dirt road that winds its way over a mountain range and into the village of Sekoati, a group of young adults are growing a future for themselves. You can see their greenhouse and new chicken shed from a distance and upon reaching the farm, young voices can be heard chatting away as they water their cabbages.

Welcome to Five Minds PTY LTD. 


The Helping Hand of Honey

The Southern Africa Livelihoods Project (SALP) works to commericalise the production of a number of agriculture commodities such as vegetables, honey and fresh eggs. SALP is supporting a number of bee keeping groups in Lesotho and Swaziland and striving to commericalise their production of honey and other apiary products.

University of Newcastle

Ma & Morley Scholarship Program

In 2018 the University of Newcastle launched the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program. A transformative experience offered to students of the University of Newcastle who want to change the world. The revolutionary scholarship program was born to honour the life changing and enduring friendship between the successful Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma and respected Novocastrian Ken Morley.

I accompanied the inaugural Ma & Morley scholars throughout the entirety of first year including on a trip to China to meet scholarship founder Jack Ma.

The journey begins

The inaugural Ma & Morley scholars embarking on their journey


Profile: Gidail’s Story

An individual profile of Gidail, one of the inaugural Ma & Morley Scholars.

Profile: Nathaniel’s Story

An individual profile of Nathaniel Arnold, one of the inaugural Ma & Morley Scholars.


Profile: Luisa’S Story

An individual profile of Luisa Amosa, one of the inaugural Ma & Morley Scholars.

Oikoi & ACIAR

Mobile Acquired Data (MAD) Research Series

In early 2016, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research commissioned Oikoi (formerly AgImpact) to undertake the Mobile Acquired Data (MAD) Research Series. MAD worked with nine projects across five countries, providing support and evaluating the adoption of digital data application CommCare.

 I was commissioned by Oikoi to capture the stories of impact as they evolved among the different projects in Pakistan, Papua New Guineas and Vanuatu.

Jeromy Kavi becomes a certified commcare app builder

In early 2017 Jeromy Kavi and others from the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) in Papua New Guinea received training in digital data collection - building mobile apps to collect data for their research - as part of an initiative by ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research).

Tracking the Bisnis Blong Buluk project

Oikoi (formerly AgImpact) follows the Vanuatu Beef, Bisnis Blong Buluk project led by Dr Simon Quigley as they use mobile app CommCare in Vanuatu to conduct research and share information with farmers for the first time.