Strategic Communications

Conor collaborates with a team of specialists to provide clients with a diverse range of strategic communications products and services.

Conor understands that successful strategic communications are grounded in a strong collaborative process. From the outset of all work, significant emphasis is placed on listening to clients and developing deep insights into each organisations context, challenges and aims.

All communications efforts should achieving their goals and simultaneously strengthen and build on an organisation’s identity. When the team undertake a project, they use the same holistic process to ensure a high level of quality in whatever they do.

Different examples of work provided include: developing communications strategies; website development; rebranding; shooting, directing and editing films; writing stories and producing photographs; preparing annual reports; and creating books and publications.



ACIAR SDIP is one component of the Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio (SDIP) funded by Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The multi-year project aims to improve the management of water, energy and food resources in the Eastern Gangetic Plains.

Website development

Project Stories

Sulochana’s story follows the individual experience of a farmer in the North Indian state of Bihar. Sulochana and her husband are lead farmers in their community adopting the sustainable farming practices introduced in the ACIAR SDIP project.


IndoBeef is a $12 million Australian Government funded agricultural research for development project launched to improve the capability of Indonesia’s smallholder-based beef industry.

Website development

Logo Development

The IndoBeef project brand was developed in close consultation with the project team and lead researchers.

Project Stories

The IndoBeef trailer produced communicates key components of the new and exciting research project.